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Welcome to Emulati0n.com

PocketSNES - Super Nintendo roms emulator for GBA has been released. Now you can play snes roms on gameboy advance! www.pocketsnes.net

A new contest is out and about! I know this is your favorite kind, a posting contest. The first person to reach 777 posts in the forums will receive the grand, and only, prize of a Xbox USB Adaptor, provided graciously by the-one-and-only dmb. Do you have a comment? Got a question? Need help or would just like to rant or bull shit? Then get your ass on the forums and make it happen. Our message boards are the #1 place for emulation scene users and they are only getting bigger! See you soon.

Mame32 0.70 out now!
Posted by CraiZE_ on Thursday, June 12 @ 06:33:17 EDT (1 reads)
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GBA Link Cable Emulator VBALink

VBALink - Gameboy Advance Link Cable / Multiplayer GBA roms emulator.

MAME32 was updated to the latest core, and you can download it at VGN's MAME page

News Source Vinage Gaming Network

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DaphneX v0.95 Released
Posted by CraiZE_ on Thursday, June 12 @ 06:28:55 EDT (0 reads)
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What's new/fixed:
* Fixed Begas Battle (I broke it , sorry).
* Tested Cobra Command on AB hardware. Works. May have been same problem as Bega.
* Fixed game options default bug when choosing the games in the menu.
* Fixed multiple sfx on choosing game menu.
* Return to menu now 'LEFT TRIGGER + RIGHT TRIGGER + LEFT THUMBSTICK BUTTON', triggers were getting pressed accidentally while playing.

Neo Flash NDS roms backup linker and gba flash card solution in one set.

News Source: xbins.org

XBConnect 3.0 beta
Posted by dmb062082 on Wednesday, June 11 @ 20:32:46 EDT (1 reads)
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Qute from Xboxconnect:

First off let me say thank you on behalf of the XBConnect Team to the users for being so patient with the release of 3.0. XBC 3.0 is the biggest and most aggressive change XBC has ever undergone. Not only has the program gone under allot of changes and additions but also new servers were purchased and new software for the servers put in place to support XBC 3.0. So with that said we had to extend the beta testing longer then normal just to ensure everything is working properly.

The current beta release has been function great over the past week. Bio}{azard informs me he will be adding a few features tonight to it and we will begin an open beta session for all users to try the beta version this week. Then go to the final release of XBC 3.0 this weekend.

So stay tuned to the website for the 3.0 open beta download. And thanks again for your patience.

Source: xboxconnect.com

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MAME 0.70
Posted by Atila on Wednesday, June 11 @ 17:57:54 EDT (2 reads)
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Hey everybody, great release to the best emu ever. Nicola rocks.
General Source Changes
-Konami GX Sound Improvements [R.Belmont]
-General Konami Updates [Acho A. Tang, R. Belmont]
-Various Dipswitch fixes / conversion of drivers to tilemaps [Curt Coder]
-Removed hacks from Oriental Legend [Olivier Galibert]
-Some D3D updates / fixes [Leon van Rooij]
-Sanity checks for Ports [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
-Documentation updates [Santeri Saarimaa, Randolph, Leon van Rooij]
-Improved bios selection code, now -bios japan can be used with the NeoGeo driver for example [Paul Priest]
-Fixed Dipswitches and Inputs in Atlantic City Action / Broadwalk Casion [Peter Storey] 65 nintendo emulation 66 65 emulation station 65 64 playstation emulation 64 63 dos emulation 60 59 n64 emulation 60 59 mac emulation 50 49
-Fixed a few Misc Typos [Santeri Saarimaa]
-Added 'Right' in Moon Shuttle [David Haywood]
-Various fixes to the PIC16C5x core. [Quench]
-Sound working in BIGTWIN [Quench]
-The use of the PIC HEX dumps for DRGNMST and BIGTWIN [Quench]
-Fixed a bug in the V60 CPU core causing it to break with the new timer system [Aaron Giles] gba roms 7872 7697 roms 6976 6821 n64 roms 5159 5044 snes roms 13741 13436 nes roms 8240 8057
-Fixed a problem in snprintf.c printing out floats with fractional partswith leading
zeroes [Chris Kirmse]
-Fixed bug in K054539 causing bad vocals in Dadandarn [R.Belmont]
-Added PGM Calender [Pierpaolo Prazzoli]
-Fixed a problem which caused sound to break in games using a YM2610 using the new timer system [Aaron Giles]
-Changed NeoGeo to use boost_interleave for tight CPU communications instead of throwing cyces away [Aaron Giles] sega roms 1642 1606 gameboy roms 1623 1587 super nintendo roms 1600 nintendo 64 roms 1490 1457 playstation roms 1271 1243

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